How the game works

Start with a five dollar bill; increase it 5%. Add it back and do it again.

Do it 250 more times and you’ll be a millionaire.

The first 75 times, you’ll only need to come up with ten bucks or less.


The next 25 times will be less than $25.

By then, you’ll have some money to work with.  It’s challenging at first.  Can you use $500 to make another $25?

That starts the game.

Use your money to get a little more money.  Throw it back in and do it again.

Level up just 150 more times and you’ll be a millionaire.


33 thoughts on “How the game works

  1. Neat idea – and it really shows the power of compounding. It would be great if you created an “About” page or something to make it easier for people to understand the game.


  2. This is such an interesting idea, I’ve heard of compounding, but never thought to do it on my own outside of a financial institution. I found your link in sewing discussions on pattern review, thank you for this blog!


  3. Really neat idea, I guess as the trick is to find a way to consistently make a 5% return especially as the numbers get bigger, but I suppose it’s possible if you get creative. Can’t wait to see how if goes.


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