Leveling up is easy at first

It looks like starting the game from scratch will be a two pronged approach.  One is to make more money (hopefully letting the money in this account make more money).  The other is to find more money in the budget.

I know if I cut into our lifestyle – our already lean budget – it’s no longer a game.  I’m going to tread very carefully there.  Having said that, we use software that makes our checking account act like an electronic envelope system.  Today is the day I make menus and buy groceries.  There is $3.17 left over before adding the new week’s food money.

Here’s what’s needed for the first 10 levels:

1 0.25
2 0.26
3 0.28
4 0.29
5 0.3
6 0.32
7 0.34
8 0.35
9 0.37
10 0.39

I transferred $3.15 to my savings account bringing the total to $8.15.  First day (I actually did this several days ago) and I’m on Level 11. Sweet!



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