Momentum is building

The bill for our cable and internet just came.  My husband gets paid weekly so I divide each monthly bill by 4 to know how much to put in each category every time he gets paid.

It works beautifully and 4 times a year some categories have extra.  Today was one of those times with the cable bill.  I paid the bill and had $23.14 left.  I transferred the extra to savings.  We’ve now completed Level 45 and part of Level 46.

Click here for the Google Doc spreadsheet with 250 levels of the Money Game

It’s happening so fast.  I wonder how the momentum will continue.  Will it slow down, hold steady or grow?  I’m also wondering how bigger checks will affect this. It’s hard now not to think of things like tax returns.

Dave Ramsey used to have message boards on his Total Money Makeover site.  I hung out there when they were running and it was so much fun to hang out there and work together to slay debt and build up our savings.  Over and over I saw people join, disclose their situation and hold themselves accountable.  They would report in saying they were sticking to their budget and then unexpected money surfaced.  They’d apply it to their current baby step and it would keep happening.  We all knew that money was always there.  They just didn’t have the tools to recognize it.

I’m still thinking about how to put this money to work.

Finally, the account now totals $46.63.  That’s a whopping 832.6% increase so far and the month is exactly half over.


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