Making a garden

I ran errands all day.  Is it just me or does the best thinking happen while driving on the interstate?

I thought and thought about how to make $5 earn a quarter.  Selling cold drinks to co-workers is obvious (and maybe a tad annoying to said co-workers depending on the culture of the office and the proximity of the nearest vending machine).  I make killer French bread but I don’t work outside our home.  Going door to door with freshly baked bread might work but that’s really putting myself out there.

We planted an organic vegetable garden this year.  It’s our first.  A lot of prep went into it before we could plant seeds.  That prep began right after Christmas as the winter was extremely mild this year.  Seeds were planted mid-April and we are just now beginning to harvest vegetables.  Some things grew better than others and we had to learn how to fight worms that wanted to eat our produce as badly as we did.   I realized the Money Game is a bit like a garden.  Finding money at first is a lot like the compost and mulch we laid down in late December after pulling a lot of weeds.  We also paid to have three trees taken down so we would have enough sunlight.

When I look at it this way, it doesn’t seem like cheating to keep looking for extra money in our budget to get started.


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