Let’s check in on the S&P 500

According to Investopedia, the S&P 500 is a benchmark for the US stock market.

And according to CNN Money, the S&P is up 5.2% year to date.

If I had started a broker fund with $5 invested in the S&P on January 1 (and I probably couldn’t have – $5 wouldn’t meet the minimum balance or even cover the commission of an index fund purchase), I would be up .25 cents for the year on this date.

I’ve been playing my Money Game since July 13 which is exactly 5 days.  My $5 has grown to $97.81.  That is slightly more than 1,856%.  I know the percent rate will settle down as the fund grows.  I just don’t know how much.  I’m trying to anticipate what “extra” money I’ll find and I know a Costco rebate check should be here soon.  My husband’s company reimburses him for travel expenses and we’ve always used them for something fun or to cover our sloppy spending on too many groceries after making up the difference in the gasoline category of our budget.

But I totally forgot about extra payday months  Sweeeeet!




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