Thoughts on playing the game

I seriously need to come up with a better name for this.

In the first post, I threw up an image showing the first 30 rounds or so of
growing $5 5% at a time.  Consider building your own spreadsheet (if you need to know where to get free software for this, just ask in the comments below – I’m assuming you have Excel or something.)

You can make it the way you like, change percentages, change the amount of money you want to start with and play with it. As you do, you’ll probably hit the right combo of factors that just tells you – you can really do this.

If I was talking to parents of young children, I know I’d hear this objection: “I’m barely making it supporting my family as it is. How am I supposed to come up with even more on top of trying to get out of debt, buy a house and/or fully fund my kids’ college with my retirement?”

What I’m proposing is that you don’t use your own money except in the very beginning. I also think you should go through each level. Put $5 in a jar and throw in an extra quarter.

Then keep the next goal in mind (26 cents) as you go through your day. Don’t confiscate your kid’s lunch money or yell at your spouse about Starbucks (it’s always Starbucks right?) Just make it your goal in life to find 26 cents in a fun way – this is a game! Another thing I constantly ask myself is “How can I use my five dollars to make a quarter?”

In the very beginning, you probably can’t unless you buy some drinks for the office or something and offer them for sale at a profit (not a bad idea actually). But challenge yourself with these questions and thoughts.

Every time you level up, it gets a bit more challenging until you hit your particular sweet spot where you actually have money to use to buy and sell or rent out or something. The thing that worked for you at Levels 1 – 30 (finding pocket change; selling bottled water) may not work at Level 100. It should get easier in some ways as you level up because you’ll have more money to work with.

Another thing I challenge myself as I keep at this is to try to get that next 5% as quickly as I can. I don’t let myself think “I need to gain 5% this month.” I don’t want to be tied to monthly or yearly percent growth. Instead I think about hustling to get that 5% gain as quickly as I can in a playful, gaming way that’s energetic and fun.


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