I may have discovered why my daily list system doesn’t work for me

I followed Cal Newport’s Blog for years when he was a college student.  I started college in my late twenties as a single mom so my perspective was different from that of a traditional 18 year old.  I loved his insights and from my experience, I knew he was right.

I just discovered he’s still blogging when I stumbled across this article about his morning routine from Business Insider.  I realized instead of a to-do list, I need a calendar.  I  need to schedule what tasks I’ll do at different times of the day.  I think this will help me with my procrastination.

Now I get up, look at my to-do list and think – meh – I’ll check email first.  Then I’m scrambling later in the day to knock out things in a pretty sloppy way.  If I time block (his term) my to-do items, I hope I’ll realize that if I don’t get them done, that window is gone.

On another note – we’ve never used chemicals on our back lawn and stopped using them on our front lawn over a year ago.  I planted lettuce out back this morning (just a few seeds to see if they’ll do anything in this heat in a partially shaded area) and realized selling our chemical free produce could be a way to bring in more cash for the fund.  We’d grow it anyway so it’s literally no sweat off my back.



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