Don’t let money slip through your hands!


I’m tossing clutter trying to get our house ready to put on the market.  I went through my makeup drawer and found these products which I only used once or twice.  They just never worked for me.

I can’t remember what I paid but I promise, each item was at least $5 at our local chain drugstore.  So let’s say it was $15 (that’s conservative considering one of those products is a MAC blush).  I made a $15.32 deposit last Wednesday and our fund bumped up 3 levels.  Each level was a 5% increase.  These small deposits are significant.

We are still buying things we want and need.  But I can tell you I’m being more intentional about spending money.  I’ve since learned that even drugstore makeup can be returned if the color doesn’t look right once you open the package and actually use it.


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