Looking Ahead

I think about our Money Game fund a lot these days.  The fund crossed over $100 last Wednesday on July 20.  It grew 20 times the original deposit in less than two weeks just by grabbing money from change jars and a bit here and there where we came in under on our family budget. (Those change jars have been around for years.  I’m gonna miss them!)

The game is starting to change.  Instead of grabbing a quarter, I need to find at least $5.  As we go up each level, the amount needed gets bigger faster.  It’s starting to snowball.

Our budget is lean.  We get extra checks from time to time though.  My husband gets expense checks to reimburse job related travel expenses.  We get a rebate check from Costco once a year.  We keep trying to get to zero on our tax returns but we still get modest refunds.  In the past, we’d use these as “gravy” and just spend them.  We now know these extra checks will help us get the Money Fund balance to a point where we’ll have enough to buy something of value that can be resold at a profit.

These occasional checks aren’t going to be enough for the long haul though.  I’ll keep my eye on the budget every time my husband gets paid to grab any money left when we come in under budget. And now I’m racking my brain to come up with ways to make $100 cough up $5 more as quickly as possible.



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