Get richer with lower AC

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

I just got the mail and the electric bill came.  We keep the temps in our home at 78 during the summer.  If I get too hot, I go outside and do yard work for 15 minutes.  When I come in, the house feels cool.  Even with recent temps in the high 90’s, it works.  This is something we’ve done for years by the way.  If someone is visiting, we crank up the air to 72.

The bill came in $66.51 under budget.  At first I was stunned as it’s a peak month.  But we were gone for 10 days over the 4th on vacation.  We had the thermostat set even higher while the house was empty.

So nothing much has changed since my last update over breakfast.  The entire amount gets transferred to savings and we get to level up again.

Level Completed: 89  Total Balance: $399.86

Our Money Game fund has grown a whopping 7,897.2% since July 13 (just over 3 weeks ago).

Have fun and level up!




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