Leveling Up with an expense check

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

I’m blogging about every deposit to give you ideas of you can grow your own fund and to provide real life examples of how quickly (or slowly) it will grow.  I know it’s going to look and feel differently in the lower, middle and higher levels.  I would love to look over someone’s shoulder as they do this because it would help me do even more.  If you’re playing along, please, please share.  If you have questions, feel free to ask.  I know I won’t have every answer but as people join in, we’ll figure it out together.

My husband’s expense check for last month just hit our checking account (he normally does these right away but we were on vacation and I think the first week or two back on the job feel like catch up to him).  I’ve never included these in our regular budget because I have no way of knowing what the cost of gas will be and how much other driving we have had to do in a particular month.  When we get one, I catch up the fuel budget if it’s in the red and we used the rest for the  baby step we’re on.  Occasionally, we decide to just blow the check on eating out or something.

This month was kind to us.  The fuel budget is fine and his check was $148.97.  I got to deposit the entire check in the Money Game account.

It still feels like a fun game because we haven’t cut back on our other budget categories (except my own personal spending a few times).  I’ve loved watching my husband come in and ask if we got to level up that day.  I can’t wait to see the data next month because it will give us a chance to start forecasting a little bit.  We’ve saw so many cool things happen when we were knocking out our consumer debt and paying off our house.  This is even more fun because these “payments” are to us – not to a bunch of bills.

Level Completed: 85  Total Balance: $333.35

Our Money Game fund has grown a whopping 6,567% since July 13 (just over 3 weeks ago).



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