Leveling up with the phone bill

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

The phone bill hit my in box this morning. Since my husband is paid weekly, I set aside 1/4 of the total amount needed for the month every week. Four times a year, there is an extra week. I just hit that with this bill (June was a 5 week month for him and I’m seeing it actually hit the budget this July).

$30 a week is our budgeted amount for the phone bill so I get to take that extra $30 this week and put it in the Money Game fund.

We’re at the point where we need just under $25 to level up and that amount is growing quickly each time. It’s getting more challenging and 94 levels probably won’t get knocked out next month. That’s okay – we’ll keep playing the game and we’ll keep having fun. I’ll be thrilled if I come up with something that makes this $500 cough up $25. That’s the real goal and that’s where the magic happens.

Level Completed: 94 Total Balance: $509.86

Our Money Game fund has grown 10,097.2% since July 13.

Have fun and level up!


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