July Wrap-up

I started playing the Money Game on July 13 starting on Level 1 with $5.  My husband caught the bug and started playing with me about a week later.  We grew the $5 to $509.86 which was just over 10,000% and we’re currently working on Level 95. Only 156 more levels to knock out – whoo hoo!

Just to compare, the S&P 500 is up 6.34% year to date as of today according to CNN.
Screenshot 2016-07-30 15.56.25


In one way, I wish I had come up with a way to make the first $5 earn a quarter and so on.  On the other hand, I’m shocked at how much extra shook out of our regular budget. We didn’t squeeze the budget trying to eak out some extra.  Every deposit was money that was sitting around in a change jar, gift card or was extra in the budget after a bill was paid. In the past, we always overspent on food and made it up whenever we came in under somewhere else.  Gift giving was our other budget buster that had to be made up somehow.

I leveled up 5% at a time mostly by spending more carefully, coming in under budget and then transferring the savings to our savings account.  It’s amazing what just paying attention will do.

I also

  • cashed in three change jars that I found laying around
  • used two $5 gift cards I found
  • deposited an expense check my husband received (I was careful not to drive around needlessly and we didn’t have to use it for gas money
  • we used tons of produce from our garden and made sure to eat leftovers instead of buying more food to come in under budget for groceries – this is huge for us and helped our budget cough up extra for the Money Game
  • gave up some personal spending money I had planned to spend on an expensive hair product
  • started shopping for gifts more carefully resulting in nicer gifts for less money (coming in under budget)
  • I was careful about using a timer when watering the yard and planning trips so I wouldn’t waste gas while running errands
  • grabbed the extra when our power and phone bills came in under budget

I didn’t

  • nag
  • suggest we cut our budget
  • change the quality or amount of food we normally cook and eat
  • sulk when we ate out cause we could have saved that money instead (I briefly wanted to but whatever)
  • cut our giving budget


Looking forward

I’m so excited about the Money Game.  I doubt if next month’s percent growth will be as high but it will be fun to see how it shakes out as we keep playing.  We now have a bit of money to work with too.  Getting this money to make money is going to be critical.  It will take too long to get to a million if this money doesn’t get to work!

The first real test will be next month.  This game can’t be taken seriously if it doesn’t become self-sustaining.

Level Completed: 94 Total Balance: $509.86

Our Money Game fund has grown 10,097.2% since July 13.

Have fun and level up!


2 thoughts on “July Wrap-up

  1. Thanks for letting me know I’m not talking to an empty room. I hope you dig up $5 and leave me behind in the dust! It’s amazing how quickly the money starts to pile up.


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