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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

I know what my husband’s paycheck will be and he gets paid weekly. So every Monday I go ahead and post it. I just paid his annual life insurance premium and know there will be an extra $3 before it’s due again next year. We reworked the budget a few weeks ago with an extra $14. We decided last night it can start going into the MG fund every week. Our emergency savings is in a different account and they posted a $1.66 interest deposit this morning. I’ll transfer it to the MG fund. Finally fuel is way under budget and my husband’s car is going into the shop today. I’m taking $30 from that budget item. That gives me $48.66 this morning to level up with.

Making Money
I need to run an errand this morning and then start working on selling things around our house. I’ll journal that process separately in case it helps anyone. I keep pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and start learning how to sell. This fund is going to have to make money if we hope to complete all 250 levels in this lifetime!

Level Completed: 96 Total Balance: $558.52
It’s day 1 of a new month and our Money Game fund has already grown 9.54% over last month.

Have fun and level up!


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