YNAB levels up again

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

Car tag renewals just hit our mailbox. DH is paid weekly so I divided what we paid last year by 52, rounded up to the next dollar and allocated that amount to car tags every payday. The bill came in today.

YNAB shows you how much you get to spend in each category. It was easy to see we came in under. There was an extra $36.01 and that means we get to level up for the second time today.

I hope it’s not boring to read cause it sure isn’t boring to type out. I am getting so excited about hitting Level 100. Each level is getting harder but it’s also more fun to achieve.

Level Completed: 97 out of 251 Total Balance: $594.53
Our Money Game fund has increased 16.61% in August.

Have fun and level up!


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