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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

If you are getting out of debt, you may be thinking that you can’t play the game. Actually, you can – even if you are following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. The baby steps demand intense focus and they make you want to put every dollar towards eliminating debt. Please keep doing that.

But hear me out. While you are doing it, take $5 of your budgeted personal money (even Dave’s plan says you need a small amount of money to blow every month) and put it somewhere where you see it every day.

As it keeps coming to your view, ask yourself what you could do with it to make twenty five cents. The answer will come to you. Brian Tracy talks about how our goals are like homing pigeons that bring us to the answer in his book called “Goals”.

(You can grab a free PDF of “Goals” by Brian Tracy here.)

When you figure it out – do it. Just use that $5 and don’t go into your regular budget until you’re debt free. At the same time, grow your $5 one step at a time with whatever answer came to you. Don’t worry about how fast or slow it goes. Just have fun with it.

You’ll end up going further faster (that’s a term Dave uses right?) than those of us who started debt-free working the plan. Forcing yourself to make the money make money will end up being an advantage. Couple that with making it fun and you’re golden. That’s the whole key right there.

That’s where my personal challenge is now. I love finding extra to toss in but it almost detracts me from the real mission.

Level Completed: 97 Total Balance: $594.53
Our Money Game fund has grown 16.61% so far this month.
Have fun and level up!





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