Some ideas on making money with $500

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

I found this article on Quora (“How to use $500 to make a lot of money”) last night. Some of the ideas seemed viable. Most of them need time especially the ideas where you build a website and do affiliate sales. It takes time and talent to get enough traffic to drive affiliate sales. Look at this site. The Money Game is the best idea out there (heh) and as of today it’s received exactly 241 hits. It’s been live 22 days.

We read it together and it got my husband looking up a few things. Yeti tumblers are hot at least right now in the South where summer heat it peaking. We researched the knock-offs, tried a few over the 4th of July on vacation at the beach and we’ve been very happy with them.


George just found a bulk discount online for Rtic tumblers. We decided to spring for a case (the minimum order for the discount), mark them up slightly so that they are a great deal for people and offer them up on our local Facebook yard sale site.

We’re out $321 but we reasoned they’ll make great gifts if they don’t sell.

I think the key is finding something people want at a great price. When it’s win-win, it’s an easy sale. You are doing a service for people.

I just placed the order so I’ll report how it goes. Tomorrow I’ll talk about how I’m going to track this.

Level Completed: 99 out of 251 Total Balance: $651.32
Our Money Game fund has increased 27.74% so far this month.

Have fun and level up!


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