Leveling up thanks to regular savings

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

Updating payday a day early in order to make a transfer to our Money Game fund from regular savings and a few extra dollars from my own personal spending money. Level 100 is in the books!! It’s starting to feel like a serious contest. It began as almost a child’s game of picking up quarters and taking a literal piggy bank to our credit union.

$30.39 is required to level up to Level 101. I can’t wait until leveling up starts to happen from selling. My next goal is to level up one level from selling the RTIC tumblers we ordered. It’s going to take time. Time for them to get here (tracking says that’s next Friday). Time to pay back the $321 spent on ordering a case. And then finally using the proceeds to level up. I’m excited and optimistic.

Level Completed: 100 out of 251 Total Balance: $671.09
Our Money Game fund has increased 31.62% so far this month.

Have fun and level up!


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