Level 104: August expense check

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

What a day! 5 of the tumblers are spoken for (that money is going straight to the Money Store fund though). George’s expense check came to 142.88 and I got to skim some more money off a few other budget categories that came in under before payday. Most of the savings came from food but it all adds up. I was able to deposit $160.3 in our Money Game fund and knock out four more levels.

I thought by now all the low hanging fruit would be gone and I’d be struggling to make and save every dollar I could. It’s been the opposite so far. That’s been a complete surprise to me but it makes sense in a way. Money was being wasted every month not just one month. We are having fun with this project so that makes us “want” to be careful not “have to” be careful.

Every time I made a deposit that took us to the next level, I thought “okay that’s it. Prepare yourself for a long wait. Then we’d come to more money. I saw this happen on the Dave Ramsey boards when people were getting out of debt. I’m so excited that it’s happening again but in reverse. Now we get to keep it!

Level Completed: 104 out of 251
Total Balance: $831.39

Our Money Game fund has increased 63% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


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