I finalized how I’ll track things I bought to sell

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

Earlier I talked about how my husband suggested I have a “Money Game” category in YNAB with two sub-categories – one for the game and one for the “store”.

The game sub-category shows how much money is in the savings account we designated for the Money Game. The store category will hold the amount we spent to buy things to sell.

Right now mine shows $853.61 for the game and -$291(up from -$321) for the store.

The RTIC tumblers arrived a few days ago. Since I’m able to offer them at such a good price, I decided to start by posting them on our local church FaceBook page. Any time I sell one, I put the total amount I received in the store until the amount I spent is paid back. I already sold a few and I think there may be more interest as people start using them and talking about them. I bought one for myself and I love it. It like it better than my Yeti because it holds more and feels nice in my hand.

Any other windfalls I get or find will go right into the game fund like I’ve been doing.

That way I can get a better idea of how buying and selling is really going. In theory, I should sell all the tumblers before ordering more. In real life, who knows what I’ll do? I’m really learning this as I go along.

If I’m doing this wrong, please tell me!!

Level Completed: 105 out of 251
Total Balance: $853.61

Our Money Game fund has increased 67.4% so far this month.

Have fun and level up!


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