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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

We ordered a case of RTIC 30 oz tumblers and that came to $321. Shipping was free but we had to pay tax.

Selling each at $15 a piece would give us $450. That’s a 40% profit an each one. This brand was selling for $19.99 on their website with tax in some locales and shipping. Shipping is free only if you buy a case.

Since it was such a good deal at $15 with no tax or shipping, I decided to first offer them on a private Facebook page to people I knew. Meanwhile RTIC lowered the price on their tumblers to $14.99.

So far 22 have been delivered and paid for bringing in $315. I’m waiting on people for 4 more.

I’m at (-$8) in our Money Store budget category. Any others that sell will be pure profit.

I’m glad we took the risk and I’m ever so glad we only ordered 1 case. I’m also glad we asked ourselves if we could use them even if they didn’t sell. This was my first experience doing something like this and I learned a lot. The best thing I learned is that if I can zero in on something people really want and find a way to get to them less expensively at a profit, it’s an easy sell. By the smiles of the people who bought one, they were happy to get something so nice at a discount.

(Just before I could hit “Publish”, George came in from work for lunch, opened his wallet and handed me $16. He sold an RTIC to a coworker and just happened to have an extra dollar in his wallet that he threw in. We are officially in the black. I fried up some bacon (heh) to top his chicken salad and officially named him “Salesman of the Month”.)

Level Completed: 110 out of 251
Total Balance: $1,106.30

Our Money Game fund has increased 116.98% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


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