If this is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

Short answer:
People think percent growth (interest) has to take a lifetime to be significant
This involves paying attention
This involves some work
And honestly? I don’t know of anyone who’s approached it this way

What does this mean for you? Read on to see how how little it actually takes for you to fatten your wallet!

People think percent growth (interest) has to take a lifetime
We aren’t calculating interest paid by a bank as percent growth in the Money Game. We are calculating the rate of growth from one month to the next. This is fine. We are measuring real money and the rate of its growth. I don’t have a lot of data yet but the rate of growth is happening very quickly especially when I compare our Money Game fund to our emergency fund. Our emergency fund is in a premium savings account at our credit union. There is a $10,000 minimum deposit to get .2% interest and it’s paid out monthly. Just to give you an idea – last month, we had about $10,275 on balance and our interest deposit was $1.66. At those rates, people think “why bother?” and give up.

We aren’t the bank. We can control our own outcome by paying attention and doing some work! I showed you that I grew $5 over 10,000% the first month and over 124% so far the second month  mostly by grabbing money that was leftover in our budget after buying groceries and paying the bills. These numbers are huge! Retirees are hoping for 1% a month (just over 12% a year).

I realize this isn’t passive income. I also realize I didn’t work 20 hours of overtime or take on a 2nd job to get this money either. In the end, it’s real money and it’s sitting in our bank account ready to work even harder for us as time goes by. I’ll take it.

This involves paying attention
Most people I know hate to budget. Budgets are hard to draw up without arguments and even harder to track and enforce. We cheated. We got YNAB.

It doesn’t tell you what you did. It tells you what you can do. You look at it and know if you’ve set aside enough to pay the bills. You can sleep at night. You can budget the right amount and if you come in under, you get to move the extra to something fun like your Money Game fund.

I couldn’t play this game without YNAB. It would be too hard and it would take too long.

I also use a spreadsheet that George designed for me. When I open it, it shows me what level I’m on and how much I need to level up. There are a few sheets attached to it that add in the deposits and calculate the month’s growth.  They make the game fun and easy for me. I love the way they motivate me to work on my current level.

This involves some work
I came in the first month and grabbed some low hanging fruit. I won’t lie – now I’m having to roll up my sleeves a bit. I spent time talking to Dave Ramsey groupies on FaceBook yesterday to learn about the best way to sell things. I’ve been going around the house looking for the things we can clear out. I have a nervous husband who’s wondering if the furniture will still be here next week. I’m pretty sure he hid the title to his beloved Land Cruiser.

He found some Yeti knockoffs on line at a great discount. It was a bit of effort to order them (took under 1 minute) and I set up a quick and dirty spreadsheet so I can remember what I paid per unit when I price them. There will be a little work bringing them in from the porch. Yawn. I put a status on Facebook and sold most of them the first week.

There are obstacles but they aren’t huge. I can tell you – $1,140+ is a lot of money to us right now and it’s been worth it. I don’t see it crawling to a halt any time soon.

Level Completed: 111 out of 251 Total Balance: $1,146.30
Our Money Game fund has increased 124.8% so far this month.

Have fun and level up!


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