Level 117: 78 degrees

We keep our thermostat on 78 degreees during the summer. When I feel too hot (I’m home during the heat of the day), I go outside and work in the yard for a few minutes. We’ve never been miserable.

The power bill just came. I admit I scraped a few dollars from that category here and there during the month when I was close to leveling up. We still came in under budget by $83.16. I was pretty sure we’d be under by $20. I never know during these peak months. August is pretty warm here in north Georgia.

This is a good time to mention what I would do if I wanted to cash in. My “rule” for this game is that I can’t touch what’s already in our Money Game fund. But as I find or make new money, it’s our choice if we spend it or put it in the Money Game fund. If there was something I really wanted or needed that cost $83 or less, we’d talk about it (same goes for George of course). Right now our budget has everything covered. If I want or need new clothes or whatever, it’s in our regular budget. What I really want is an alternate income stream.

Your goal may be completely different. A friend of mine that I get to see every week in real life says her goal is to replace her income. She was excited to see that she doesn’t even have to get to level 250. Once she hits that lower level that returns her income, she just has to work on the frequency. Meanwhile it gives her hope because she something tangible to do to help make it happen.

You can make this your story. Budget with enough cushion to cover your bills the day they come due. Take what’s left and put it in your own Money Game fund. As that money grows, start learning what you can do personally to make your money grow.

Level Completed: 117 out of 251
Amount Deposited This Month: $1033.46
Total Balance: $1,543.32

Our Money Game fund has increased 202.7% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level up!

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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