It’s not all or nothing

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

I was telling someone about the game I made up and how it’s working out. She said it won’t work out because I won’t be able to use the entire balance each time to level up 5%. It would just be too hard to track and take too long to do.

Whaaaaaat??? I just nodded and played nice. Her negative tone told me she wasn’t interested in being interested so I dropped it.

You and I know better. We know a power up (a smaller deposit than what is needed to level up) is still money and it still boosts the overall percent growth each month. It also makes it more likely we’ll level up the next time more money surfaces.

On another front, I had $504 when I bought the case of RTIC tumblers. That order cost $321. I have gotten back 30.8% more than the money spent so far. I’m not a math professor but that is more than 5% on significantly less than the total balance. I didn’t plan for that to happen. It just did and we’re delighted with the way it’s playing out.

Don’t let people tell you this can’t work becaues it will be too hard as the balance grows. There’s no rule that you have to invest the entire balance each time. Just work on the level you are on without stressing about it. As you play the game, your mind and your focus on leveling up will help you see things you can do. This game doesn’t have a time limit. Obviously the faster you level up, the faster you can reap the rewards. If you are having fun, you’ll want to keep playing and that will get you there faster.

When your balance gets bigger, you may hit on something that works well to bring in more money. Your balance will get even bigger but that doesn’t mean you have to stop what’s working. It just means you may have to do it more often. Let’s say you you do so well at buying and selling new starter homes that you quickly come into a lot more money. That doesn’t mean you have to start selling luxury homes. You could but if you are happy where you are, just buy and sell more starter homes.

There may be hurdles and problems as your money grows. Those are good problems people!! Those kinds of problems have answers.

Power-up update: We had a little left from last week and decided to power-up. $16.69 was deposited in the Money Game today.

Level Completed: 118 out of 251
Amount Deposited This Month: $1,125.15
Total Balance: $1,635.01

Our Money Game fund has increased 220.7% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level up


3 thoughts on “It’s not all or nothing

  1. Some people just don’t want to see the glass half full. Ultimately they are the ones who don’t and won’t see the benefit(s) and even if one doesn’t get to a million theres still gain to be made from growing home funds. I have worked out I have a goal less then 1m but I would be happy if I got there thats for sure but in life things come along that rock the boat and it is much better to be prepare if nothing else. So I levelled up this morning 🙂 Keep it going and looking forward to the progress.


  2. Way to go! Thanks for sharing and fair warning – this gets addictive!

    Something that surprised me when I started playing around with this idea was that I didn’t have to get to a million to have some serious cash coming in. Say I have skills to find decent cars to buy and sell at a profit. With just $10,000, 5% would give me $500 every time. I’m guessing someone with those skills could make that much or more. $500 is a lot of money to me right now.

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  3. Yes I have been noodling the sheet and the curve certainly steepens but as you say it is addictive and once one has some money it can be done something with.. I like the idea of it being just 5% as there is no pressure to get an unachievable target. Train to succeed is a good moto for me. I am looking at all sorts of things to get me going once I get out of the lower leagues 🙂 but for the moment I am the tortoise..


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