Level 119: Payday

We came in under on fuel and added the regular $14 from savings. The total deposit was $89.62. This was a nice way to finish August!

Stay tuned for a post summarizing the month of August.

Level Completed: 119 out of 251
Amount Deposited This Month: $1,214.77
Total Balance: $1,724.63

Our Money Game fund has increased 238.3% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level up!

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


6 thoughts on “Level 119: Payday

  1. Hi there, good going. Nothing like gamifying the finances 🙂 Excuse the dim questions but I am trying to work out what you are doing as I think I might have got this all wrong. From the spreadsheet it says one needs to put in 79.12 but you said you deposited 89.62 so I guess you are over depositing which would put you at level 121? I know I am not understanding this right and your explanation will clear it up..

    On different not are you keeping balance in an interest bearing account and do you factor in any interest?

    I am roaming the streets trying to find old grannies to sell so I can level up 🙂

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    1. I forgot to address where I’m keeping this money. It is in an interest bearing account. I can’t remember if this particular account pays monthly or quarterly. I definitely add in the interest when it gets paid.

      The biggest reason you’ll see a post on it is to highlight how little money it is and how much better I do taking an active role in this watching the budget, selling stuff, etc.

      I’m not so concerned with earning high interest though as I hope to start waving this cash as soon as possible to buy something of larger value to flip. I think I’ll need about $10,000 but every time I think I know what I’m doing, this game teaches me something new.

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      1. Thanks for the reply and I too wasn’t thinking of letting money sit in interest account as it bears little to no interest at the moment. I was just confused by your figures and the SS not tallying but makes more sense now. Also agree that once one has a reasonable chunk thats the time to start really growing it!


  2. Laughing so hard. I dreamt last night that I earned some swagbucks for snoring and then my poor husband had to wake me because well … I guess I was snoring.

    Any time extra money surfaces, I deposit the whole amount. Now that I need about $80 to level up, each deposit usually finishes one level and starts the next. If it’s not enough to level up, then I call it a power up and keep having fun.

    I have a spreadsheet that tracks it. If you’ll use the contact page here on this site to send me your email, I’ll be glad to send it to you. It works in Open Office, Excel and I think in Google Docs.

    Thank you so much for the questions. They help me see where I could do better explaining and it’s so much fun to see others playing.


  3. Just seen this and also laughing if only it were possible! we’d all be millionaires! That add to you last reply and makes loads more sense. Ok ill contact you for sheet.


  4. I’ll check my email and get that off to you. Consider making a copy of it and then you can really mess around with it to learn what it does and how to use it. I don’t mind answering questions either. I love it. When i open it, I can see exactly how much money I need to get to the next level. I thought it would stress me out but it doesn’t. Like you, I get that number and go on a hunt!


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