August Wrap Up

What a month! So many cool things happened and I honestly have to wonder how much was because I started making the whole finance thing a big game? There’s no way to prove it but the change around our home has been real.

July ended with $504 on deposit having grown $5 a whopping 10,000% in two short weeks.

I couldn’t see how we could top that so I settled in to just work the plan in a light hearted way and to have fun playing with it. So many days blind sided me (I thought we had grabbed all the low hanging fruit in July) as money surfaced and we’d get to level up.

George saw a great deal on RTIC tumblers (a Yeti knock-off) and we had our first foray into sales. We’re excited about the results but even more excited about what we learned with respect to sales.

So how did we do?

We took $504 and added another $1215.25 to end with $1632. Our money grew 220.7% in August.

What we learned:

  • We got more done playing this game with money than we’ve accomplished any other month.  We have more actual cash to show for our efforts.  It’s been a paradox and it has me thinking a lot about the power of play.
  • As cool as YNAB is, it doesn’t track how much you may be wasting by moving money around to cover a short fall. We are still shocked at how much money we were leaving on the table by going over on food. Most of the deposits this month came from that alone.
  • On the other hand, YNAB served us up a lot of cash to deposit in our Money Game fund. Every time we came in under a budget category, I transferred that money to that savings account. YNAB is the tool that will show you where there’s extra money to be had. I wish they had an affiliate program. I’d link you right to it shamelessly.
  • Sales doesn’t have to mean twisting people’s arms to get them to buy some overpriced item they really don’t want. Sales can be finding something people want at a better price and just making it available to them. We learned FaceBook is a great place to announce what you have and leave it at that. We were thrilled with the results and the people who bought the tumblers seemed very happy to get them.
  • Power-ups are great. They give you a boost and the next time money surfaces after you get one, you just may level up. We went from finding quarters to tens then twenties as we powered up and leveled up over and over again.
  • Even though most of the deposits came from money we saved by paying more attention to our grocery budget, we still see it as what the game brought us. We didn’t recognize all the money laying around us until we started playing the game. The game made it fun.  It makes sense to go through this part of it.  Otherwise you’ll just keep spending your Money Game fund instead of using it to grow more money.

Looking forward:

  • We had an insurance checkup and think there is money to be saved there. Look for a post on that soon.
  • The next big milestone for us is completing Level 125. That will be the halfway mark and we’ll be about a thousand dollars richer the day it’s finished. Isn’t it curious that half of the levels to a million dollars is only about $2,500?
  • I learned I need to get to with our CPA asap to consider our tax situation as we continue to buy and sell goods. I owe a big thank you to my Dave Ramsey pals at for pointing it out.  It’s so much easier to plan for taxes than to have to scramble to pay them at the last minute. I’ll write about what I learn.
  • Knowing George’s and my skill sets and past experience, I have a feeling we are going to be buying and selling real estate in the next year or two. I’m trying to learn all I can now.
  • I’d love to learn ways to make more money when you have less than $10,000. Look for a resource page soon where I’ll document everything that’s actually worked for me.
  • I’ve got to start doing FaceBook yard sales. Hold me accountable!

Thank you all for dropping by and letting me know how this game is inspiring you to save and/or make more money. There were a few days when I wondered if blogging about it was worth the time.  Your comments help me know I’m not talking to an empty room.  If you want to support this blog, just talk to me, ask questions, throw tomatoes or play along and tell me what level you’re on!!

And maybe we could start a leaderboard. 😀

Level Completed: 119 out of 251
Amount Deposited In August: $1214.77
Total Balance: $1,724.63

Our Money Game fund increased 238.3% in August.

Have fun, grow money and level up!

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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