Level 123: Property taxes under budget


Just a reminder that I share how I’m leveling up in hopes it helps you think of things you can do.  If you want to play and need some ideas,  just ask in the comments.  I also want to show that you actually level up even though the deposits may seem small at times.

Property taxes and groceries came in under budget. How did they come in under budget so much?  Last year, we paid the taxes and then added 10% to that amount.  We divided the final amount by the number of pay periods in the year and then set that amount aside every time George got paid.  This is easy to do in YNAB.  We got the notice for the tax bill and they didn’t go up.  We had no way of knowing a year ahead of time.

It’s fun to come in under and then get to take that money as a bonus.  We’ll continue to keep the same budget amount for next year in case things change and taxes are raised.

$95.93 was deposited finishing up Level 123.  I just hit the level where it now takes more than $100 to level up.  It’s getting more challenging but there’s more money to work with.  It’s time to start thinking of ways to make $2,000 go out and get more money!

Level Completed: 123 out of 251
Amount Deposited This Month: $345.47
Total Balance: $2,070.10

Our Money Game fund has increased 20% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level up!

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