Can you make money with an old truck?


I did some volunteer work today helping someone learn to use a software package. The organization was remodeling their offices and they threw out some IKEA furniture in great condition.

They actually offered it to me.  I drive a two seater convertible and had to pass. It killed me.  I could have posted it on Facebook and made a quick profit. Instead it went into a dumpster.

So just for fun I opened our local Craigslist, searched for pickup trucks and looked at the first one that came up.  You can see it above.  It’s a Mazda pickup offered for $2800. (I wouldn’t just buy the first truck that came up in Craigslist but it did give me an idea of what could be had.)

I can think of two or three things we almost bought last month but passed because we didn’t have a truck.  For example, I saw a high end washing machine and dryer offered on a Facebook yard sale page from an interior designer who was retiring and downsizing. I would have jumped on that deal if I could have just gotten them to my house. I honestly think this may be an opportunity.  George will have a cow but if I sold my Lexus and bought a truck I could make money coming and going.

Am I crazy?  Is this an idea worth pursuing?

Level Completed: 124 out of 251
Amount Deposited This Month: $395.89
Total Balance: $2,120.52

Our Money Game fund has increased 23% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


2 thoughts on “Can you make money with an old truck?

  1. Its certainly worth considering. As you rise up the levels the need to make larger amounts require bigger thinking and the truck would help move stuff around. However you have to factor in the added cost of owning one and also your time spent finding and moving these things around. I also have been giving this a lot of thought although I am no where near that kind of problem. Hope this doesn’t sound negative as I think its a good idea in principle and will fill a need “we” just need to be aware of what we are putting our energies into. But as said before this is FUN! so if it floats your boat.. 🙂 t.


  2. You have to factor in the upkeep of the truck & the cost of having someone help you move items if your husbands not available. The pros & cons must be weighed.


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