Start with a spreadsheet

It is so easy to start playing the Money Game. It starts with a spreadsheet. If you think this will help you out, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you a blank copy. It was written in Open Office but it should run in Excel, Google Docs or Numbers. (At some point, I’ll probably close this offer so grab it if you’re interested. Also please note this hasn’t been road tested – it doesn’t come with any guarantees. It also doesn’t come with a price tag!)

George is a spreadsheet whiz so I asked him to automate something for me.  He came up with a multi-tabbed spreadsheet that takes deposits I enter and computes what level I’m on with lots of other useful information. Here’s a screenshot of the first tab:


I manually enter the function that sums all the deposits for a new month.  I put it at the top and let it sum all the deposits going down.  That made it a lot easier than rewriting the forumula every time there was a new deposit.  When a new month starts, I enter a new formula on that row that sums all the deposits going down (I never need more than 31 cells down right?)

The second tab sums up where I’m at in the game.  George entered all the formulas and there’s nothing for me to do except to click on the tab and see if I leveled up. It also lets me know how much I need for the next level. This is super motivating. I check this tab every time I make a deposit.  I’m usually surprised at how little it will take to get to the next level.  It eggs me on to plan meals, think of things to sell and to spend money carefully.  There’s always a good reward and it shows it to me. You can see the second tab here:


The third tab grabs the monthly deposit totals from the first tab and totals the fund’s growth month after month. It also shows me the percent growth for each month. I like that a lot.  I can tell at a glance how I’m doing. I know if I grew our money 1% a month that would be more than 12% a year. It makes me insanely happy to see how fast our money has grown since I started tracking our savings this way. Here’s the way the third tab looks:


The 4th tab shows all 251 levels to a million dollars. I like to highlight the levels as I finish them.  I also like to look at it sometimes to see where we are heading. I know we’ll have $10,000 before I know it so it gets me thinking about what I’ll need to learn in order to keep the fund producing. It’s easy to see that saving on the power bill or on groceries won’t be enough at that point.  It will have to do more.

That keeps me learning and growing as a person.  My radar is up attuned to anything that I can do. I’m also researching buying land in the most desirable areas I know. I can’t wait until I call our real estate agent with some cash to wave.  It will be fun to see her profit from this too. Here’s the fourth tab:


Level Completed: 125 out of 251
Amount Deposited This Month: $607.13
Total Balance: $2,331.76

Our Money Game fund has increased 35.2% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


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