Level 127: Peter didn’t need it right now

Ever since I made the first post here, I’ve been tucking away a dollar here and there to save up for my own website.  I’ve been putting it in its own budget category and it’s been like a little pet that I’ve nurtured. Today I decided to put that money into our Money Game fund instead. I’m not robbing Peter to pay Paul as Peter doesn’t really need it. Having my own domain for this blog isn’t a need.

This month has been different. George’s pay cycle has changed from weekly to monthly.  (Warning! First world problem discussion is coming.) That has meant a month of no paydays. It’s also meant that months of extra paydays are gone.  It’s also meant that I can now budget for exact monthly amounts for things like our phone bill and our cable bill. I used to post his paycheck each week and go through all the categories that came under transferring the extra to our Money Game fund.

This game is constantly shifting just like a video game rewards you with a new challenge every time you beat a level.  Video games often let you build a reserve of extra lives or power to help get you through a challenge.

I’m claiming this extra level today!  Amount deposited: $109.22  Now if I could talk myself into coloring my own hair … that would free up some serious money each month!

Level Completed: 127 out of 251
Amount Deposited This Month: $734.10
Total Balance: $2,458.73

I need $118.78 to get to the next level.

Our Money Game fund has increased 42.6% so far this month.

Have fun, grow money and level



4 thoughts on “Level 127: Peter didn’t need it right now

  1. Congratulations on your fund. 😀 I would honestly wait until your 6 month mark, and maybe even your 1 year blog anniversary to get a domain.

    I used to be friends with a web designer and customers would pay her $300 for a web design, her
    prices are higher now but this is when she was starting out, they would pay her to design an entire blog for them and then most of them would quit blogging within 6 months or less.

    People who do “make it” in blogging, the ones that didn’t quit, often say “Oh I wish I had started out with a self-hosted domain, etc.” because blogging worked out for them and they like to tell new bloggers to start out that way. I don’t think this approach works for everyone.

    A lot of people figure out that blogging is a lot of hard work, or it’s not their thing and prefer another hobby. Blogging for at least 6 months to a year, will give you a good feel of what you want, if you like it, if you want to do this long-term.

    What you can also do is have your wordpress.com migrated (have all your posts and comments moved to your own self-hosted domain). Some companies like SiteGround do it for free for new customers, and others charge you $35-100 to do it for you. Just an FYI.

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