Taking a moment …

We all have to support ourselves. Actually getting to better ouselves in the process helps make life fun and enjoyable.

Sometimes life makes us pause and reflect. It looks as though I’ve been posting as normal but everything that appears here was written and scheduled in advance. I’m usually about three days ahead.

My cousin and his wife are avid motorcycle enthusiasts. They were hit by a vehicle Saturday on a west Tennessee back road and she was killed. He’s had a major surgery at Vanderbuilt but is expected to fully recover.

It just feels weird to write about side hustles and power-ups right now. There’s nothing wrong with figuring out how to make some money work for you but this week, there’s not a whole right about it either.

What does feel right is drawing family closer and taking time to be together. I’m thankful for my family and even more thankful for our legacy of faith. Everyone says this when tragedy srikes – hug your family a little longer tonight. Cherish these times.


One thought on “Taking a moment …

  1. My condolences for your loss and as an ex motorcyclist I know how a brief moment can effect assorts of lives and events like this bring life into perspective. But life does go on.


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