September Wrapup

I didn’t expect we’d make so much progress last month. We were actually able to deposit more in September than we did in August. We leveled up 13 times last month.

Here’s a summary of monthly activity:

Monthly Deposits Beginning Gain Ending % Growth
July, 2016   $509.86 $509.86 N/A
August, 2016 $509.86 $1,214.77 $1,724.63 238.26%
September, 2016 $1,724.63 $1,422.87 $3,147.50 82.50%

September’s deposits were 17.13% more than August’s.

The deposits broke down as follows:

Expense check 134.1
Interest on savings 2.21
Frugal substitutions 20
Under budget for various items 325.85
Selling old stuff 10
Insurance reimbursement check 20.37
Personal spending 30.05
Costco rebate 146.07
Web site 109.22
Hair cut/color 200
Shifting budget from weekly to monthly 300
Savings 125

Only $10 came from sales which was a little disappointing to me. In all fairness, I need to meet with our CPA before selling much more so that I’ll know how to structure this for tax purposes.

I have got to schedule that meeting because the Money Game won’t be sustainable without sales!

Finally (though I realize I’m not comparing apples with apples) the S & P lost 2 points in September.

S & P historical values (via Google Finance)

Level Completed: 132 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $0
Total Balance: $3,147.50

Our Money Game fund has increased 0% so far this month.

$142.13 is needed to reach the next level.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


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