I think I should get a bonus!

DH do you even read my blog?

He’s Mr. Outside – the CEO of Us, Inc. and I’m Mrs. Inside, the president. I did a great job last month! We had good food to eat, the house was reasonably clean and I socked away more than  the previous month.

(He does a great job too as a technical manager. I’m so proud of him. If he paraded his investments here, he’d be the clear winner. The competetive part of me wants to try to beat him though. That would be fun.)

So as the president, I do think the Money Game fund deserves a bonus. There wasn’t a “bonus for Money Game” budget line item though and if there was, I would have grabbed that money faster than you can say “Give that girl a raise!”

Normally this is light hearted and fun. This is a game and I love it when George and I get goofy about it and start joking around about what I’m charging for goods and services in our home right now. We laughed ourselves silly the other night.

So $125 has been granted to our MG fund as an ongoing monthly deposit.  I’ve already recorded it for this month a few days ago but I thought I’d explain it for the record.

Level Completed: 132 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $0
Total Balance: $3,147.50

Our Money Game fund has increased 0% so far this month.


2 thoughts on “I think I should get a bonus!

  1. Don’t worry. My bf barely reads my blog! Sad huh? I was in a forum with Rosemarie Groner once, she’s the lady behind the big blog the busy budgeter and she said that her friends didn’t read her blog, the people who read her blog were internet surfers that became blog readers and subscribers.


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