If you are playing along …

I’ve been keeping a running list of every place I find money as I make the deposits. I started doing this to make summarizing the month easier but now I’m seeing it serves as a checklist for the next month.

It helps spur me on. Many things that worked last month are going to work again this month.

As you come across new ways to add money to your fund, your list will grow and get more valuable each month.

Also consider sharing what you’re doing in the comments and/or asking questions if you can use some help or some ideas. I know at least half a dozen people who are playing along and if we start talking to each other, more will join in. There’s a lot of strength in numbers and we could give each other a lot of help and support.

I asked for help recently on a forum that I participate on and got some great suggestions from a member there. I thought her suggestions were helpful. She mainly had a few new ways to save money and then divert the savings to a goal such as the Money Game. One of her biggest tips was that she knew how to recognize great value in upscale appliances.  She often shopped at an appliance outlet that carried high end brands as she was remodeling her kitchen.  She recognized some amazing deals and knew she could resell them for higher prices.

She then shared how she buys furniture on CL and then often resells the pieces for a higher price.  She also talked about how several of the neighbors get together for a weekend every fall to pool their money, rent equipment to aerate their lawns and to buy a huge bag of discounted grass seed to share.  They take turns using the equipemnt and get the job done for about 20% of the cost had they done it themselves.  She said they divert their savings to their current financial goal.

Every time I ask someone if they were handed a thousand dollars and were told they could keep it if only they used it to earn an extra $50

I love to ask people this question: If someone handed you a thousand dollars and told you you could keep it if only you used it to get an extra $50, could you think of a way to do that? Every time I get an emphatic yes.  I’m usually pretty rushed when these conversations occur as I’m running errands or running between serving and attending services at our church or something.  I’ve got to start learning to follow up with an “okay – what would you do?”

But ask yourself that right now and don’t let yourself forget the answer.  It won’t take long to get a thousand dollars together.  I saw people in all kinds of desperate situations do that pretty quickly on the Dave Ramsey forums.  That was always the first task and just about everyone knocked it out very quickly.

I have a power-up to report. Interest on our savings accocunts and a sweet gift from George. He asked me to take up an afternoon to follow him around shopping for a better deal on wall ovens that blew. He ended up saving over $1,000 and handed me $50 telling me that was 5% of what we saved and to put it in the MG fund. Oh wow – he’s catching the bug! The total deposit was 51.34.

Level Completed: 133 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $209.99
Total Balance: $3,357.49

Our Money Game fund has increased 6.67% so far this month.

$96.62 is needed to reach the next level.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


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