Replacing broken appliances

The second oven in our double wall oven unit blew and we’re getting it replaced. Since we started painting the kitchen cabinets, that meant we really wanted to get that particular unit painted asap!  Meanwhile, we had already ordered a new cooktop. The old one is corroded and hanging on by a thread.

All this means I’m stuck at the house waiting on contractors.  I’m dying to start selling some used things but I can’t leave to meet anyone.  To at least get a start, I started looking around and putting everything I could find in the same place.

The gas line was plumbed to our kitchen and everything was tested and signed off yesterday.  Today I’m waiting on the people who will deliver and install the ovens. I’m using this time to catch up laundry and clean the house a little deeper.  The pollen is abating and I also spent time raking leaves outdoors.  Our north Georgia weather is glorious right now.

We got notifications on home and property taxes plus George’s expense check.  I’m dying to level up but am making myself wait until the actual bills arrive and his check is deposited.  It’s so tempting to rush ahead where I know we’re under budget. I guess I don’t really trust the notifications and just want to see the bill and pay it.

All of this is teaching me that part of a good plan is taking care of what you own. I keep telling myself that selling this home will be our first “real” coup in the world of buying and selling real estate.  It makes it easier to get out and take care of the property when I think of it that way.  A lot of it just boils down to elbow grease.

I also believe (but can’t prove) that when we respect our things and the money we already have, more tends to come in.  “Take care of what you have and more will come” has been one of our mantras for a long time.  When we get closer to actually being able to list our house, we may level up in a more significant way by using this fund to redo the pool.  That’s going to be the biggest expense before we list. I guess I’m afraid I’ll like the house so much, we won’t want to sell!

Level Completed: 134 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $359.47
Total Balance: $3,506.97

Our Money Game fund has increased 11.4% so far this month.

$119.84 is needed to reach the next level.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


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