Sometimes – it happens really fast

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

Someone close to me read over the first few posts I wrote and looked over all the levels of the Money Game. “It will take too long,” he said.

Pour a cup of coffee and join me as I tell you the story of how we got out of debt….

We had quite a time raising our oldest son and I made every mistake in the book. I was too harsh, too rigid and too legalistic. He did what all smart kids in that situation do. He hit the road.

After a stint in the Navy, we didn’t hear from him. Month after month I grew more and more concerned. Finally one day the phone rang.

“Mom,” he said. “I’m in college. I’m at Purdue.” After I picked myself off the floor, he asked if we would come up for parents’ weekend. Would we? Why of course we would.

My husband and I talked about how happy we were to have him back in our lives. We knew this would mean helping him out in some ways and that we’d probably travel more to visit. We discussed how it would show down our progress on baby step 2 (paying down our consumer debt) but that it was so worth it.

A day or two later, a peer came into my office and said “If you or your husband have any stock options here, you need to check them out.” I rolled my eyes and told him I was busy. (The stock of the company we worked for had fallen steadily for years and was worth a fraction of its high.) He said it again. “Bruce!” I yelled. “Get out of my office – I’m trying to get some work done.” “Warren Buffet just bought our company,” he said as he walked out.

My husband did have some options and he got in touch with a broker. Less than a week later, on our way to Purdue, we got the call. The options had been exercised and the proceeds had been deposited in our bank account. It was enough to pay off all our debt.

“Wow,” he said.

I wish there was a clear cut moral to the story. I especially wish there was an equation that anyone could use any time they needed to. But I have learned to never say never and to stay optimistic. Sometimes it happens a lot faster than you’d otherwise think.

Level Completed: 135 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $601.47
Total Balance: $3,748.97

Our Money Game fund has increased 19.1% so far this month.

$59.19 is needed to reach the next level.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes – it happens really fast

  1. Thanks Tyler. I have been following you and I’m insanely jealous that you started so much younger than me. You are going to leave me behind in the dust (I still cheer for you every time you post).


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