Comparing receipt of stock dividends with the last two weeks of the Money Game

I used to trade individual stocks before this election cycle made me so nervous I moved to cash. In January, 2015 I owned 100 shares of Costco. They announced a special dividend of $5 a share. The stock was trading in the $130’s at that time. The stock quickly rose another $20 and I remember trying to decide if it was better to hold it to wait for the dividend to pay out or to take a quick profit.

I did hold out. I have been a loyal Costco shopper for years and I’m amazed at how crowded the store is. You can stand near the exit and watch person after person leaving often with a line building up in spite of a double exit line out the store. Shoppers don’t have a small grocery bag holding bread and milk. They have carts loaded down with merchandise and the lines just don’t stop.

What’s my point? I’ve gathered more than $500 each month since starting without having to tie up $13,000 plus in a volatile market that could tank overnight on one event. Most of our assets are invested in the stock market as they should be. But I feel better if the money I manage apart from George’s 401k can grow in a different way.

Some of you will point out that a regular (and much smaller)dividend was also issued that quarter and you’re right. I’m just trying to say that your own efforts can pay off well with a smaller sum of money and less risk. It’s an additional way to increase your wealth and compared to a special Costco event that made me feel very lucky at the time, it can pay very well.

We came in under on fuel for the week so $37.21 gave us a nice power up. I started to get into my personal spending money to grab the last $3.75 needed to level up. I decided to let it sit there and goad me into getting some things listed to sell. Progress seems to be slowing and I don’t have anyone to blame but myself.

Level Completed: 135 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $656.91
Total Balance: $3,804.41

Our Money Game fund has increased 20.9% so far this month.

$3.75 is needed to reach the next level.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


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