Something from nothing

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

I have been working in a little spot of my garden that was bare.  I piled wood chips there and also poured out the water I used to rinse our Vitamix after making green vegetable.  I was curious if the soil had improved and it had.  I could easily dig down almost a foot and the soil was rich, loose and crumbly.

It’s still just a small empty plot of dirt right now.  I thought of the few tiny seeds (probably more greens) that would get sown there when the weather cools a tad. Just a bunch of dirt and a few tiny seeds.  Nothing.

I look at the big garden on the back side of our property and I’m blown away.  It was a dirt pile too last winter.  Now it’s spilling over with sqash, okra, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and watermelons.

I love to read the One Year Bible as it takes me through the whole book each year. I’m in Romans right now and read this morning from Romans 4 that “Abraham believed in God … who creates new things out of nothing.”

I see it in the garden and now I’m seeing it in our savings account. Maybe it’s a stretch but I’m seeing a lot of dollars that sprung up from nothing – we had no idea that money was there for the picking until we started paying attention.

(I actually wrote this post last month. The lettuce seeds are sprouting and there are also green plants that are about six inches tall so far. As a beginner gardner, I don’t know if there’s enough time to actually harvest green beans but it’s fun to try anyway! I kept thinking about this post as it seemed almost silly to publish it. George and I went to the big garden out back and finished harvesting the butternut squash. These literally sprang out of the garden (we never planted butternut squash last season) from our compost pile or something. Maybe a bird dropped some seeds? We have 2 dozen now and we’re told they will keep through the winter if we store them carefully in a cool place. They are organic and rather pricey at Earth Fare right now. I wish I had a formula for making some things out of nothing and I don’t. I just know it can happen.)

Level Completed: 136 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $68.911
Total Balance: $3,829.41
Our Money Game fund has increased 21.7% so far this month.

$169.15 is needed to reach the next level.

Have fun, grow money and level up!


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