October Wrapup

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

What a month! Every time a new month starts, I have to shake off a negative thought that whispers “you’ll never be able to sustain what happened last month – it was a fluke and you know it”. I dismiss those thoughts, remind myself that this is a game that has been a blast and I don’t have anything to prove (but I do have a lot to learn!)

If this becomes a quota, I’m done. I also refuse to lobby for a decrease in our budget so the Money Game fund can grow more each month. When I’ve moved money from a budget category to the MG fund, it’s because we came in under or I decided to forgo some of my own spending money. George decided to do that too once last month and I promise I never asked or even hinted. It was really encouraging when he did that.

October took us through Level 140. Here’s a summary of the money deposited to date:

Monthly Deposits Beginning Gain Ending % Growth
July, 2016   $509.86 $509.86 N/A
August, 2016 $509.86 $1,214.77 $1,724.63 238.26%
September, 2016 $1,724.63 $1,422.87 $3,147.50 82.50%
October, 2016 $3,147.50 $1,493.36 $4,640.86 47.45%

Our monthly deposits were only 4.95% more than the amounted we deposited last month. That was a tad disappointing. It also shows that I didn’t sell anything this month. I did list one thing on Facebook, got one nibble and that was that.

October’s deposits came mostly by coming in under budget. The biggest boost came from coming in under on our property tax. That’s an annual expense so we won’t see that one again until next Halloween.

Some extra money came in from two new places this month. One was jury duty and the other was from Gift Card Granny. (I’m not posting a link as one reader had a problem with a gift card she bought. I’m having success and I’ll still blog about it when I use it. I’m treading cautiously here and am a little hesitant to recommend it.)

George gifted $50 for our MG fund after I spent an afternoon shopping with him and we scored a good quality wall oven set for $1,000 less than the one we had researched and chose. He told me $50 was 5% of the $1k we had saved . (We had chosen a Kitchen Aid but happened on an Electrolux in an outlet store. It’s a great oven and we’re enjoying its use very much.)

Halloween is a fun way to end October.  November ushers in a busy shopping season and honestly it used to make me nervous.  This year is feeling different with a budget in place and some shopping already done.

I want to end this wrap up with a quick report on how healthy eating is impacting our home.  Neither one of us has had a sick day since the blog started and that continued through October.  We haven’t had any sweets this month. It helps our budget and it keeps us healthy.  I’m sharing this in hopes of inspiring some of you to cut out sugar and to see if it helps you enjoy the holidays without colds or flu.



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