My Kroger haul delivers a nice power up


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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

Honestly, I rarely look for coupons. But seeing the instant money delivered up by buying a discounted gift card made me realize coupons are the same thing but maybe on a smaller scale.

I got an email flyer from Kroger and George mentioned there was $1.50 off a $7 meat purchase that was loaded on the Kroger app on our phone. They also had a good deal on eggs for the same brand I usually buy (free range, no anti-biotics, no hormones, etc.). After doing the Barnes and Noble gift card deal, I knew I could take what I saved from the coupons and transfer that cash to our Money Game fund.

Coupons are usually hard for us because we’re Paleo. We don’t buy processed foods, junk food or sweets. But i thought we might be able to pull a few dollars savings on turkey and eggs. The store is a mile from our home so it really is no big deal to run in to use some good coupons.

Oh my goodness. I got a free pack of frozen veggies, 10 pounds of Land of Lakes butter each with its own e-coupon of 2.99 off, 50 cents off 2 Lara bars, a free candy bar that George will leave in the breakroom at work, $1 off the eggs, $1.50 off a 13 pound turkey that was only .79 a pound. I also picked up a can of tomatoes and a cabbage. They gave us a free pumpkin on the way out. If that wasn’t enough, I got another 5% off for being a senior citizen. The total amount paid was $39.70 but the coupons totaled $37.04.

That’s 49% off people. The really cool thing is there wasn’t one item we bought that we don’t actually use (we don’t eat candy but it was free).

I deposited $37.04 in our Money Game fund.  I want to point out that our freezer is well stocked with beef, frozen veggies and some chicken meals I cooked in advance. I have fresh veggies in the fridge and a lot of butternut squash from our garden in the pantry. The pantry is well stocked. This couldn’t have been a better week to stock up on butter that was such a great deal.  I’m going to cook the turkey in a few days after it thaws. I haven’t reduced the food we buy but I did reduce the money we paid.

I’m going to pursue this so look for a post each Thursday with my grocery shopping savings. If I’m in a week where we are out of costlier things, I may not be able to claim every dollar saved. You don’t have to deposit every cent you make or save. Just use your own good judgment and you’ll be fine!

Level Completed: 140 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $63.72
Total Balance: $4,704.68
Our Money Game fund has increased 1.35% so far this month.

$155.70 is needed to reach the next level.


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