A productive day gives us a power up

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I raked pine straw for several hours and scored twice. First, my heart rate was up, I was sweating and I didn’t have to pay for the workout. Second, I got enough pine straw to start landscaping the last place that really needs it – right under our oak trees.

Pine straw is $4 a bale. This was more than a bale (it sure doesn’t look like it but there’s a lot more behind the tree.

I did a smaller bed under a dogwood tree earlier this year and it’s in so much better shape. It does help keep the weeds down (or maybe it’s the drought we’re in?)

Anyway, I’m moving $4 from home maintenance over to our Money Game fund.

Raking is good thinking time. I kept thinking about the huge power up we got yesterday and I’m comparing my last two good scores. Help me out here.

The MG fund bought a Barnes and Nobel gift card for $46. It was worth $50 so I moved $50 from the birthday gift category to the MG fund. That money made us $4 more. I spent the entire gift card (and a little more) on birthday gifts.

I had $100 to spend in our grocery category. I looked for deals, got coupons and headed to Kroger spending $39.70 for groceries worth $76.74. Did our money make money? Not like the first example right? Yet we netted a higher percentage (49% vs 8%) and a lot more dollars for our fund ($37.04 vs. $4)

I’m asking because I want to start tracking where our money is making us money. When that number gets big, we will ALL be talking (cause I know you’ll do it too).

Today’s Deposit: $4.00
Level Completed: 140 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $67.72
Total Balance: $4,708.68
Our Money Game fund has increased 1.46% so far this month.

$151.70 is needed to reach the next level.


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