Insurance Review: Grab some extra money now

I’ve “known” about these tips forever.  But hey! We’re playing a game now right?  It’s time to score. Pull out your car and home owner’s insurance and have a look. There is probably money on the table.

  • Check for high deductibles – I just made this one change and the savings were about $40 every six months. The agent is working some other numbers up for me to bundle our home insurance so I’m not done yet. I’ll report back when the next bill comes but good grief don’t wait on me!
  • Unnecessary extra medical insurance (if you have good medical insurance, do you need to pay extra for more?)
  • Roadside assistance. If you use it, it will count against you as a claim Would you be better off with AAA?
  • Windshield replacement – this also hits your record as a claim. Call and find out how much this costs in your area in real life. would you be better off just paying $350 yourself to replace the windshield rather than filing a claim?
  • Can you get an additional discount by bundling your homeowner’s?  Just pick up the phone and ask.

Homeowners – Review your policy and understand your coverage. Paying extra won’t get them to build you a bigger house.  Paying for a lower deductible probably isn’t doing you any favors either. This article is a good place to start educating yourself.  How to insure your home (via the Wall Street Journal)

 New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game</

Level Completed: 141 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $342.69
Total Balance: $4,983.55
Our Money Game fund has increased 7.4% so far this month.

$119.74 is needed to reach the next level.


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