Dinner Insurance

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

You probably have a savings account for emergencies.  You have car insurance to protect you against loss. I’m telling you that you also need to keep the ingredients on hand at all times to make emergency dinners to protect your budget against loss.

One of your biggest expenses is probably food.

This is for those crazy nights when you were supposed to have bought groceries but a child got sick and now you “have” to order out. Or you had to work late and were so bone tired at the end of your day that you couldn’t have stopped at the store if you tried.

I’m challenging you to figure out a meal you can make from just your pantry or freezer ahead of time and then to buy, store, inventory and replenish what you need. Don’t get caught short.  When you get down to enough for one or two dinners, get more! If you are in a particularly busy season of life, get a whole lot more. Crazy nights often come in waves meaning you could be down for the count if you only have one emergency meal stashed away.

Here are some emergency dinner ideas that work for us:

breakfast for dinner – omelets

baked sweet potatoes (good for when you short on food but not one time)

hot and sweet sweet potatoes (dice up sweet potatoes – they cook fast once they are chopped! Sizzle them in some butter and/or olive oil and dust with a little cayenne pepper when they’re done)

extra homemade jambalaya (or any chicken/vegetable soup) that we froze – be sure to label these with names and the date you put them in the freezer

Pasta Carbonara (this is so good, you’ll eat it once a week anyway and then pretend to have an emergency just so you can have it again)

The old military favorite from my childhood as an Air Force brat: S.O.S. (keep a can of evaporated milk and a canned jar of chipped beef in your pantry plus English muffins in your freezer for this one).

Salmon Patties (don’t turn up your nose until you’ve tried them – they are seriously good)

You can add canned green beans to any dinner I’ve listed here.  Heat them in a little canned chicken broth for more flavor and drink the liquid left as a soup before dinner to fill and warm you even more.

Keep bread dough going in your fridge. Homemade bread is fast and easy if the dough is ready.  It elevates an emergency meal to gourmet dinner. Your family will love you for this. Your SO will propose.

It’s fine to eat out on your terms but don’t waste your hard earned food dollars having to eat out and not even get to enjoy the experience. Don’t let your money and your circumstances boss you around.  You are the boss!!  Manage this well by preparing ahead of time.  Then use the savings to have an incredible evening out, to buy something new or better yet to level up!

Level Completed: 141 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $342.69
Total Balance: $4,983.55
Our Money Game fund has increased 7.4% so far this month.

$119.74 is needed to reach the next level.


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