November wrap up

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

Our Money Game fund increased by 24.1% in November. November had the lowest amount deposited for a month since I started this last July (I’m not counting July as it wasn’t a full month). We took a long vacation and I’ll treasure that time forever. We did what matters most spending time with the people we love. I hope to do it again soon in order to see our son who lives on the west coast and again – there will be no regrets.

Healthy eating continues to pay up as we had no sick days this month. I’m so thankful for this. I post this more as awareness since being healthy saves money and adds so much to the quality of our lives. My heart breaks for those I know who are fighting serious diseases and I’m not going to pretend we could never get cancer, etc. But I’m surprised how we’re never sick. Had I known cutting out junk food would have kept us from the typical winter colds & flu we used to get, I would have changed my eating habits a lot sooner. If this topic interests you and you’d like to hear more, leave a comment or use the contact form on the main menu here.

November took us through Level 144. Here’s a summary of the money deposited to date:

Monthly Deposits Beginning Gain Ending % Growth
July, 2016   $509.86 $509.86 N/A
August, 2016 $509.86 $1,214.77 $1,724.63 238.26%
September, 2016 $1,724.63 $1,422.87 $3,147.50 82.50%
October, 2016 $3,147.50 $1,493.36 $4,640.86 47.45%
November, 2016 $4,640.86 $1,119.90 $4,760.76 24.1%

Our monthly deposits were actually about 25% less than last month’s. I’ve been looking for resources on how to make money using a small sum of money and I found a few things that I hope will help. I’ll share them here soon.

Most of the deposits came from coming in under budget or foregoing an expense altogether. 94 cents came from interest. I’m not dissing watching our spending. We haven’t cut our lifestyle. I’m just being careful to plan meals, shop sales and watch that we don’t waste food. If you spend everything you make, you’ll never make enough to build wealth. There are always more things to buy – bigger homes, faster cars and prettier clothes. I have all the clothes I need right now but I could still drop $5,000 at Lenox Mall faster than you can say “Black Friday”.

Having said that, I’m ready to pick up speed again. I’d really love to see each month’s deposits grow over the previous month. In many ways, I’m wondering if this is an “old money” lifestyle. I’d love to talk to someone who lives like this and am curious if they would expect to see monthly growth or if the deposits ebb and flow with say the sale of real estate. If you know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I bought three Instant Pots during Amazon’s Black Friday sale and will offer them up for sale on Facebook soon. Keeping in mind that I’m not after a huge profit, I hope this will be win-win for some people who missed the deal and want one.

Part of me wants to set a percent growth goal for deposits but instead, my goal for December is sales. I want to see sales! I’m going to add a sales column to my spreadsheet and track that too. It’s the only way this will be scalable or something that I could teach a person from any income level to do.

One last observation – I leveled up 4 times in November. If I level up one time a month, I’ll finish level 251 in just under 9 years. It’s happening a lot faster than I thought. This game takes on a life of its own and it’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes to cross the finish line.

The first is always the day interest is paid. I shuffled a few things moving our Money Game fund into an interest bearing account. We were paid a whopping 89 cents but I’ll gladly take it as a power up!

Today’s deposit is $.89.

Level Completed: 144 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $.89
Total Balance: $5,761.65
Our Money Game fund has increased .02% so far this month.

$146.05 is needed to reach the next level.

Have you started playing? If you’ve leveled up, consider dropping a comment sharing how you did it.



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