How to sell (and how not to sell) on Facebook

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

I used to sell stuff on eBay and I made over $1,000 one year. I had a good experience but never sold electronics. I heard so much about sellers getting scammed and wasn’t sure how to protect myself as an honest seller.

When Facebook starting having local yard sale groups, that caught my attention. The immediate advantages were obvious:

  • No shipping
  • No eBay fees (coming and going) or PayPal fees
  • Fewer worries about getting stiffed – my buyers can see the merchandise in real life

Do a search on “how to sell on Facebook”.and you’ll find resources to read with tips that may help you.

I’m going to start listing things that I learn here. Here goes and I’ll link back to it any time I update the list:

  • I have the time and energy to list in the afternoon. I don’t think it’s a good time to get noticed though. When I post something around 3 pm, there doesn’t seem to be much activity. Later, I’ll notice a ton of new listings. I think hitting the end of that wave might be better to keep from getting buried.
  • Start a notebook (paper or online) and track when you post, where you post and your results. This may help you see what works best in your area. This is also where you can keep track of how many times you bump your listing in case your group has rules about it. You’ll also need records of the money you make in case you make so much that you’ll need to pay taxes (that’s actually a good problem).
  • Try posting on your own wall as well as in the yard sale groups.
  • Learn how to take great photos. Good pictures sell. There are lots of resources on line to help you with this (using “eBay” in your search terms may help you find the best ones).
  • Think about any private Facebook groups you belong to. For example, if you are in a mom’s private group, you may have a smaller more focused set of buyers for the particular item you want to sell. This can also help your buyer find what they need (great selling results from meeting the needs of others).

Level Completed: 144 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $.89
Total Balance: $5,761.65
Our Money Game fund has increased .02% so far this month.

$146.05 is needed to reach the next level.

Have you started playing? If you’ve leveled up, consider dropping a comment sharing how you did it.

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