I’ve strayed from the Money Game or financial topics a few times and I guess this will be one of those days.

I think everyone has at least one person or family who weighs heavily on their hearts. Many of us find ourselves praying for them.

I found a resource (an audio file) by Tim Keller that is so good, I want to share it even though it’s off topic. I’m not beating around the bush with the content but I promise, this is golden.

I shared it with a good friend who’s going through a tough time right now. She called me back the next day and said she listened 5 times and can’t get enough. If you know anything about Tim Keller, you know this is the real deal.

The audio clip is easily missed. Click on the link, scroll to the bottom and look for the audio icon at the bottom to the right. All you have to do to listen is click on the link that says “Listen”. It lasts about 39 minutes.

I hope you enjoy!




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