Alexa – “Tree on!”


(photo by George Cavanaugh)

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

    George used Amazon Echo to automate our Christmas tree lights. It can be voice activated using an Echo device or phone activated (which will work even if we’re out of town). You’ll need a WeMo plug, your smart phone and an Amazon Echo device.

    It took George about an hour to learn the set up, work out the glitches (my phone software was out of date) and get it working. He said he could install one from scratch now in 10 minutes.

    Why should you care? Because this could be an amazing little side hustle that isn’t seasonal. There are plenty of people who aren’t tech savy but would still the benefits of voice activating one or more of their lights, door locks, etc.

    After you master this skill and have some customers, you could learn how to enable the Alexa skill “Good Night”. This one will enable as many devices as you like turning off the lights, locking the automated doors, etc. Just figure out your pricing for a package deal and tack on an hourly rate for any extras they may want to add.

    George bought two things today that qualified for ibotta rebates and $4 was credited to our ibotta account. It has to add up to at least $20 before we can do another transfer.

    You can earn $10 just by signing up and using
    ibotta here.

    Level Completed: 145 out of 251
    Amount Deposited this month: $274.51
    Total Balance: $6,035.27
    Our Money Game fund has increased 4.8% so far this month.

    $167.81 is needed to reach the next level

    (This post contains an affiliate link which means I may receive compensation at no cost to you.)


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