The secret to growing your money



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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

The Cliff notes

Having a goal and writing it down every day makes your mind figure out a way to make it happen.

The details

I’m a goal setter. I thrive on having goals and I get depressed if I feel like I don’t have one that I really want to achieve.

On the other hand, I’m a poor finisher. I’m better at planning than execution. One reason I started blogging about this idea was I knew it would spur me on. I thought if I really pushed, I’d figure out how to come out with an extra $250 or so a month.  I thought it would be slow but that eventually the results would be worth it. I also hoped the monthly amount would grow.

Here’s what I didn’t expect: I made myself write what was achieved and what was needed to get to the next level with every post. I also posted every day except for a short break when there was a sudden death in our extended family and for the recent holidays.

Brian Tracy teaches that writing your goal down every day will engage your subconscious mind to work on how to make your goal a reality. If you aren’t convinced, try this out and prepare to be amazed.

I used to play Sudoku at night to try to turn off my mind so I could sleep. I’d pick a level that required some effort and would fall asleep trying to solve the puzzle. What would surprise me was picking up my phone in the morning and looking at the puzzle. I could see new moves instantly. My mind kept working on the puzzle while I slept. There it was morning after morning. It was amazing. How could my mind even remember all those numbers and all those blanks? I couldn’t consciously remember them even after trying to solve the puzzle for over half an hour.

If your mind can latch on to 81 squares of “meaningless” numbers and blank squares to hand you an answer when you wake up, think of what will happen if you actively work on something you truly want!

I think this is the secret and the reason why we found thousands of dollars instead of hundreds. I started to see all kinds of places where we were leaving money on the table. I had no idea how quickly it would build. It didn’t happen the way I thought it would but it happened.

If you are getting ready to start growing your own money fund, just write the exact amount of money you need to get to the next level. Keep your eyes open for any way that money might come to you. Your mind will figure it out. Once you hit that goal, rewrite it to fit your new circumstances. Your new goal will be a bit bigger and you’ll have more money to work with.

You’ll see my new goal at the end of every post on this blog.

Level Completed: 145 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $274.51
Total Balance: $6,035.27
Our Money Game fund has increased 4.8% so far this month.

$167.81 is needed to reach the next level


5 thoughts on “The secret to growing your money

  1. I like the idea of keeping your goal visible at all times! I have the goal set in my YNAB category, but to make it even more visible I pinned that category so I can see it right away, and I wrote down how much I need to get to the next level in my planner. I’m only .08 from Level 15! I have a little WAMming to do from my vacation, or I would have just moved that money in from another category. Unless I find a dime this week :), I will wait to assign it until I get my last paycheck and interest deposit of the year and I can be certain that I am assigning extra/saved funds.


  2. Way to go!

    Another way I keep my goal visible is to make it my Windows password. Since I log on every day, typing it in reinforces it.

    I love your discipline. As soon as you figure out a way to actually make more money, you’ll leave me behind in the dust. That’s the area of my biggest struggle and where I’m trying to focus my efforts now.


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