Levels 1 – 30

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

These levels can be reached by most just by digging around for some change. If I had started this when I was a single mom, it would have been extremely challenging. We didn’t have any extra money or time. Try asking yourself how you would come up with $5 in the next few hours if someone’s life depended on it. Don’t stop until you come up with at least 4 or things. If you can, keep going writing down every idea you get no matter how dumb it may seem. Extra points if they are funny and make you laugh.

Now go through the list and ask yourself why you wouldn’t do any of them right now. My answer is usually my pride. Sometimes, it’s time. I could do it once for $5 to keep someone alive but I don’t want to do this every day to keep a few extra dollars coming in.  

Work on the ideas you have left and ask yourself what you can do to overcome the obstacles. As you work on this, you may come up with more ideas. You may also realize you have the perfect idea but you don’t know how to let people know what you do.

Here are a few of mine that may help to get your Money Game going:

Share ibotta with your friends and family – it’s an easy share as you’ll get $5 and they’ll get $10. You can earn $10 just by signing up and using ibotta here.

Assemble ikea furniture for someone you know (or any other brand).

Are you good at washing and detailing cars?

Are your friends going nuts with elderly relatives needing computer help? Offer to teach them computer skills for a fee.

Have a yard sale. Better yet, buy some undervalued things at other yard sales and sell them again at yours for a profit.

Bake something and post it on Facebook “I’m practicing cake decorating and made more than we can eat. Does anyone want to buy this cake for $25?”

Use your skills to automate a bedroom lamp using an Amazon Echo device and a WeMo switch for someone for a fee.

Tell your friends you made a bet with someone that you can earn $5 before they do. You can sell this, this, or that or you can do this or this. Would anyone like to take you up on it?

(By the way, if you have a gift of making writing or posting pictures that make people laugh, these Facebook posts are the place to do it. DD#2 sold a University of Tennessee shirt by joking around on eBay that she couldn’t even give it away.)

Is there something you make that’s delicious and everyone knows it? Put it out there. “Hey if anyone would like to buy one of my cheesecakes, I’m selling them for $xx.”

It’s fine to let people know you want to earn some extra money for a special project. Offer to babysit.  (Have you ever been offended because you learned a friend is working harder?) How about posting this on FB? “I want to earn extra money while feeling like I’m 10 again. Let me play with your kids for $10 an hour.” (Or the going rate in your area.)

How about being a Khan Academy coach? A personal finance coach?

Facebook is great for stuff like this (as long as you don’t flood your wall with constant ads for your products or services) because people aren’t put on the spot. If they want it, they’ll respond. If no one responds to you, then you may have some work to do on your product, your service and/or your personality.

For me – I want to focus on selling our stuff and I’d love to tutor kids in computer programming (I have a BS in Computer Science) as a way to help motivate them in their basic reading and math classes. I’m not sure how to find my customers and I want to explore that.

What will it be for you?

Today’s post closes with a power up of $57.09 since we came in under the fuel budget for the week.

Level Completed: 145 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $401.10
Total Balance: $6,161.86
Our Money Game fund has increased 7% so far this month.

$41.22 is needed to reach the next level


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