Level 146: Highlights from the year

(photo by George Cavanaugh)

  • We fell in love with kayaking (and so did our grandchildren!)
  • We took out several trees giving us enough sun to start a successful organic garden.
  • We came up with the idea of playing the Money Game and have nearly $6,500 to show for half a year of playing.
  • We found an incredible place to camp at Grayton Beach where we can kayak out to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • I found this resource on prayer by Tim Keller which has absolutely changed my life.

Today’s post comes with a few more deposits to the Money Game. $125 is our regularly scheduled monthly deposit that comes at the end of the month and $120 as I’m forgoing getting my hair done again. I’ll probably keep this up until I master sales. Today’s deposit is $245.

Several people have emailed me privately saying they’ve begun leveling up. Another emailed me about her ideas to earn more money. I’m so excited for you all and your messages are inspiring my goals to do more next year. Thank you so much for taking your time to share. I sincerely hope you achieve more than you would have dreamed and that this next year is your best yet.

Level Completed: 146 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $646.10
Total Balance: $6,406.86
Our Money Game fund has increased 11.2% so far this month.

$106.38 is needed to reach the next level.


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